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Wedding misteries :) – How to protect the couple from evil souls?

Közzétéve ekkor: 2019. június 7. 07:01

There are many wedding traditions, but where are they come from?

Lets see some of them!


The tradition of having groomsmen as part of the wedding, comes from the ancient tradition of kidnapping the bride. Before a couple could get married, a man had to employ his fellow friends or warrior companions to help him fight off other warriors and prevent the bride’s family from finding the couple. The groom’s main warrior companion would be the equivalent of the “best man” at a wedding.


In Ancient Rome, the purpose of having bridesmaids at a wedding was to protect the bride. The bridesmaids would each wear the same dress as the bride in order to confuse the evil spirits and prevent them from finding her. As a result, the couple would avoid being cursed on their wedding day.

Bridal Bouquet

The first bridal bouquet was made out of aromatic bunches of herbs, garlic, and grains, which were ingredients that were believed to have the power of driving away evil spirits. Over time, the herb bouquet was gradually replaced by flowers which carry special meanings in different cultures around the world.

Shower of Rice

Rice and other grains have long been regarded as signs of prosperity and fertility. Therefore, the practice of throwing rice at a wedding is symbolic of showering the couple with good fortune. Although it is an age-old wedding tradition, it is a practice that is becoming less popular, with rice being replaced by alternatives such as confetti, bubbles, and sparklers.

Cans Tied to the Bumper


The wedding tradition of tying cans to the bumper of the wedding car comes from the French custom of throwing a “charivari” for the couple. The “charivari” was essentially a celebration that took place on a night before the wedding. Neighbors would walk down the streets and bang their pots and pans to make as much noise as possible throughout the village in order to scare away evil spirits. Since cans make noise when dragged behind a moving car, the classic “charivari” was adapted to simply tying cans to the wedding car bumper.



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