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Summer is here,time to BARBECUE! :)

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First appearence

No one is really sure where the term barbecue originated. The conventional wisdom is that the Spanish, upon landing in the Caribbean, used the wordbarbacoa to refer to the natives’ method of slow-cooking meat over a wooden platform.

Barbecue varies by region, with the four main styles named after their place of origin: Memphis, Tenn.; North Carolina; Kansas City; and Texas.

Barbecue doesn’t require expensive cuts of meat — why bother when you’re just going to slather it in sauce and cook it ’til it falls off the bone? — it became a dietary staple for impoverished Southern blacks, who frequently paired it with vegetables like fried okra and sweet potatoes. The first half of the 20th century saw a mass migration of African Americans from the rural South to Northern cities, and as they moved, they took their recipes with them. By the 1950s, black-owned barbecue joints had sprouted in nearly every city in America. Along with fried chicken, corn bread and hush puppies, barbecue came to be known as a “soul food” dish. To this day, there is a strong connection between the cuisine and the African-American community.

Other countries barbecue in their own style. Korean barbecue features thin slices of beef or pork cooked and served with rice. Argentina has asado, or marinade-free meat cooked in a smokeless pit. And of course, there’s Mongolian barbecue, which is neither barbecue nor of Mongolian origin but rather a type of stir-fry recently invented in Taiwan. But true barbecue is distinctly American.


Time to BBQ

Nowadays a BBQ party is a fun event where everyone should feel comfortable, and it gets even more fun when the guests contribute to the party by sharing their favorite foods. Food has always been a traditional way to come together, and that’s really what any barbeque party is about; eating, drinking and laughing with friends. Have fun no matter what!

Summer is approaching and so are the outdoor parties. Have you ever really thought about party etiquette when you’re invited to an outdoor event? You should. Not only are outdoor parties a good way to relax and unwind, in modern days, they’re also a good way to get to know people.


BBQ it the USA

In the United States, barbecue refers to a technique of cooking meat outdoors over a fire; often this is called pit barbecue, and the facility for cooking it is the barbecue pit. This form of cooking adds a distinctive smoky taste to the meat; barbecue sauce, while a common accompaniment, is not required for many styles.

BBQ Etiquette

Be a Good BBQ Party Guest

When you’re a guest at a BBQ party, you’re not just in it to eat the food. Don’t be the moocher of the party. You may be wondering, “What do I bring?” The answer is: whatever fits in your budget. Beer, wine, and various kinds of meat that slow-cooks well (sausage, pork, chicken, beef) are good options.

Here are a few questions and answers that might help you out:

  • Can I show up empty-handed to a barbecue?

No, this is a bad idea. It’s rude and it makes you look like a mooch. Always bring something to share – it’s just the right thing to do. This means if you’re the vegetarian, it’s up to you to provide a tasty vegetarian option for others like you.

  • What about alcohol?

If you drink – or don’t, alcohol and non-alcohol options are items that are always appreciated at a backyard BBQ party.

  • What should I wear?

Casual dress is usually key, and if you’re a woman, you need to be able to wear clothing that doesn’t hike up easily. If it’s hot, you’ll need sun block and a good hat. Dress for sun and bugs, but wear that cute sundress if there’s somebody whose eye you’re trying to catch. Just use a lot of sunblock.

  • Is there some sort of timing I need to be aware of?

Sure, show up early enough to get the first batch of food. It’s ideal to arrive somewhat late to the BBQ if you’re interested in the food – up to an hour after the time listed.

Be A Good BBQ Party Host

Hosting a party is always a good time to brush up on your etiquette. When you’re hosting the BBQ party, you have more items to address in your to-do list. Will you need multiple grills? Will you be offering BBQ as well as grilled food? Do you have enough tin foil, trash bags, napkins and condiments?

There are other formalities to consider, such as:

  • Will you send invitations?

Online or old-fashioned paper ones? Your choice, but paper ones may not get answered unless you ask for a response via email or text message.

  • Will there be one grill master (you) or will guests be able to cook their own food one the grill?

For many people, this matters a lot. But if you would like a break from the hot air on your face, let people know the grill is open for usage as long as everyone takes their turn.

  • Is this a kid-friendly event?

If there’s a lot of beer, the answer should be a hard no. Intoxicated adults are not good company for kids of any ages, and it’s easy for even parents to get too distracted to keep an eye on their kids.

  • Can you offer a vegetarian option?

Nowadays there’s just a certain percentage of the population that is vegetarian or vegan. It’s good manners to help those guests feel comfortable, but don’t go too far out of your way.

  • Do you need to invite the neighbors?

This is a good question. If your neighbors hate you because you have too many parties, don’t invite them, you’re only giving them fodder for the neighborhood organizations and noise complaints. If your neighbors are nice and you’re well behaved as well, invite them. Go with your gut.



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