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Iconic swimwear from the 90’s! :D

Közzétéve ekkor: 2019. június 25. 07:01

A swimsuit is to Baywatch, as a national flag is to a country.
The red-hot bathing suit has become an iconic identifier of the popular ‘90s TV series that one only need to see a mere flash of it to remember Pamela Anderson running on the beach or David Hasselhoff doing things only The Hoff could do.
Summer is here and arrived the new movie adaptation of the Baywatch. That also means the return of the iconic red bathing suit and swim trunks from the hit ’90s TV series. But this time, they come with a modern makeover, courtesy of costume designer Dayna Pink, who brought a more athletic spin to the costumes.

So, when it came to the 2017 reboot of the classic TV show, how did costume designer Dayna Pink modernize such a recognizable piece without losing its original essence?
“That bathing suit is so iconic. What costume designer wouldn’t do it?” said the pro, who had to ask herself some hard questions: “How can we make it more interesting? More modern? Make a splash today?” Keep reading for the swimsuit facts you probably didn’t know.
Baywatch Red Is No More: Instead, it’s a more saturated, ruby color with a tinge of sparkle. “The color looks good on so many people. In my head, this movie is a love letter to the beach,” noted Dayna. “The jewel tone of the red against the sand is what makes you want to go to the beach.”
There’s More to It: “The original suit is really tiny. There’s not much fabric to it,” said the costume designer. “The new suits are neoprene-inspired. There’s more fabric to it, more coverage. Sometimes, less isn’t more.” The suits were sturdy enough and the actresses had such killer bodies that not much tape was needed to keep everything, well, in place.
The Swimsuits Represent the Characters: In the TV show, the actresses mainly wore the same scoop-neck, high-cut one-piece, but in the feature film, there were at least five different suit silhouettes for the women, each reflecting their respective character.


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