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Fun Holiday – Swim a Lap Day! :)

Közzétéve ekkor: 2019. június 24. 07:02

Dive into a pool and swim a lap or two for your health on June 24 or Swim a Lap Day. The unofficial holiday celebrates the ancient sport of swimming and encourages people to engage in it for the purpose of exercise.


Humans have been swimming since antiquity for survival, recreation, and exercise. Historians and archaeologists have found cave paintings and written scripts that depict swimming as a common and enjoyable activity.

Swimming emerged as a competitive sport in 19th century England, though there is historical evidence that the ancient Japanese were responsible for inventing it.

Today, swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports around the world and includes four kinds of swimming styles: the front crawl, backstroke, butterfly, and the breaststroke.


Swim your Way to Health

Studies have shown that swimming offers many health benefits. Because a swimmer uses all of his or her muscles while swimming, the activity is considered to be an excellent all-around workout. Not only does it burn substantial amounts of calories, it also increases heart activity and builds muscle strength. In addition, swimming can reduce stress and help people relax.

In young children, swimming can help build posture, increase coordination, and flexibility, and can help with motor development.

People have been engaging in swimming for all these years for many reasons, with recreation being by far the most common among them. Swimming is, in fact, ranked among the most popular forms of physical activity, even among otherwise sedentary individuals. The buoyant nature of water makes it much easier on those with physical limitations to get out and have a good time, and the act of coursing through the water is often described as feeling a bit like flying!

Swimming has also been shown to be excellent for your health Those engaged in swimming tend to engage in the activity for longer than other forms of exercise, and the act of swimming often engages the entire body while moving through the water This also results in the body drawing on large supplies of oxygen during almost all stages of the activity Other benefits seen from this activity include a reduction in stress related illnesses by reduction of the same, and it can even improve posture!

Swimming is also commonly participated in as a competitive sport and artistic display. Whether it’s simple speed swimming or synchronised water based dance performances, swimming has found it’s way into many sport venues, including the Olympic Games. Due to it’s unique engagement of muscle groups, swimming segments are also commonly included in multi-segmented sport competitions, including triathlons and Iron Man competitions.

One of the most ancient uses for swimming is it’s involvement in many types of employment. In Japan there are abalone and pearl divers who spend many hours each day engaging in swimming to impressive depths to gather these riches. Underwater welding is another incredibly profitable, and incredibly dangerous field that involves swimming a great deal. Whether it’s for research or construction, swimming continues to be an important part of modern industry.



How to Celebrate?

  • This one’s easy: get into your swim gear, take a dip in your local pool, and swim a lap or 2.
  • If you prefer, go swim in a lake, river, or the sea. Make sure you take all the necessary precautions one must take when swimming in nature.
  • If you have never learned to swim, today is just the day to begin. Many community pools hold adult swimming classes. Join them and get started.
  • Organize a pool party with family and friends and have your own mini-swim meet.



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