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James Griffin


JamesMy summer in Britain

I spent my summer back in Britain, working at a summer school and then enjoying a holiday afterwards. I have worked at the school in Sevenoaks in Kent, half an hour south of London, for six years now, and the teenage students come from all over the world to study English and take a speaking exam at the end of their time there. This year we had a 100% pass rate in the exam - a perfect outcome and a big surprise for us! space_recruitment_map_02letöltés (1)
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At the end of the contract my girlfriend and I set off by train for a holiday in Scotland. We arrived in the capital city of Edinburgh at the famous Waverley Station, then explored the city for three days, visiting the castle, museums and restaurants. We then continued our journey north to Fort William, a town at the bottom of Britain's highest mountain, Ben Nevis.BenNevis2005 We're not climbers though, so we just looked at it! Having hired a car, which protected us from the rain showers, we drove around the Highlands enjoying the beautiful scenery.
I recommend visiting the country if you get a chance - you should see the stunning Loch Ness, home of the famous monster, and also try haggis,  Scotland's national dish - but not if you're vegetarian (or squeamish about body parts). Still, you can always take the taste away with some whisky...! We really loved our visit, and overall it was a fantastic summer."           James 🙂
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