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Közzétéve ekkor: 2017. november 28. 15:21
all right/ok perfectly correct
and as well as
ask inquire
ban prohibit
basic fundamental
be asked to do sg be required to do sg
be more than exceed
believe consider, regard
big major
build construct, erect
buy purchase
call off cancel
can be seen visible
can′t afford do not have the financial means
change alter
cheap inexpensive
cut down on reduce
do complete, accomplish…etc
don′t care indifferent
drop in visit
eat consume
encourage stimulate
end terminate
enough sufficient
extra/another additional
feel sorry regret
figure out comprehend
find out discover
get obtain
get in touch contact
get over overcome
get rid of eliminate
get used to accommodate
give out distribute
give provide
give up, stop quit, cease
go back return
go on continue
good at competent
good point advantage, benefit
great outstanding, noticeable
help aid
leave depart
let down disappoint
like appreciate
like such as
look for seek
look into investiage
a lot of a large number of
make sy angry annoy, irritate
make sg easy facilitate
more or less relatively
need, ask require
no matter irrespective of
point of view aspect
put aside save
put off postpone, cancel
put up provide accommodation
answer respond, reply
right appropriate
risky hazardous
ruin demolish
same identical
say claim, state
set up (a business) establish
show provide insight into
student undergraduate
thing issue, question, matter, problem
tired exhausted
try attempt
turn down refuse, reject
unimportant insignificant
want to intend to, aim at
yearly annual


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